The WPC competition

The World Photographic Cup (WPC, ), a unique "Olympic" styled competition, is the only photo contest open to national teams of professional photographers and artists representing their countries (one for each country). Conceived in 2013 by the Federation of European Photographers (FEP) and by Professional Photographers of America (PPA), after six years of strong global expansion, the WPC has managed to build a solid foundation to become one of the main photographic events in the world. The organizing committee is composed of eight members, representing Europe (3), America (3), Asia and Oceania.

After the incredible number of 32 nations registered last year, this year we got an absolute new absolute record of 37 participating national teams.

WPC continues to offer and meet the expectations of photographers, with the aim of continuing to create friendships and bring together the best artists, professionals, and their associations, raising the figure and prestige of photographers around the world. The WPC 2020 competition (no.7) was open for registration for national teams from 1 June to 15 October. The judging phase is now in progress and will be completed by the first half of December. The finalists and the best authors of the nations will be announced once again at Imaging USA, the world's largest photographic convention, in Nashville, TN, USA, on January 20th 2020.

The award ceremony of 2020

WPC continues to offer exciting new destinations for its incredible annual ceremony! After the USA, France, Portugal, Japan, Australia and Norway, you will be happy to know that next year the announcement of the winners will take place in Italy in Rome, on March 23, 2020! A unique opportunity for the country and for all Italian photographers ... For the organization of the event in Italy, the WPC has set up an organizing Committee, made up of photographers Antonio Barrella, Bert Behnke, Patrizia Burra, Davide Cerati, Eugenio Li Volsi, Jan Pohribny, Adriano Scognamillo, with Martina Scozzi working for the secretariat. The WPC ceremony in Rome will be preceded by the celebration of the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards the day before, making the whole event even more attractive and complete.

How the WPC works

In the WPC each national team competes in a spirit of friendship and unity. Each team presents three images in each of the six WPC categories: Commercial (Fashion, architecture, industrial, etc.), Illustrative / digital art, Nature (landscape, wild life ...), Reportage (or photojournalism), Portrait, and Wedding. Every photographer can have more than one image in the competition, but not more than one in a given category.

The Jury

Each participating team elects a judge, who evaluates images from all over the world, according to four criteria: impact, vision, technical excellence and composition. So the number of judges depends on the number of participating teams. The judges do not know the name of the author of the image or the country of origin. Furthermore, no judge is able to assign a score to the images presented by colleagues in their own country. As an additional level of supervision, an independent review team assesses every aspect of the judgment to ensure that there are no errors.

How to assign scores

The teams are classified according to the overall score obtained in the first ten placings in all categories. The top 10 of each category count towards the total score of the team of their country (ten points for the first place, nine for the second, eight for the third and so on). So every photographer whose image is among the top ten in a category, gives points for the total of his team. Which means that every single top-10 position is crucial for team placement. This year the world cup went to the Australia team, with the US team and the Mexican team respectively second and third, while Malaysia and Slovakia came in fourth and fifth.

Individual awards and certificates

All photographers selected to be part of a national team receive a digital certificate of participation and their images are published in the gallery of the WPC website, proudly contributing to representing the best images produced in their own country. Certificates of "finalists" are presented to the authors of the 10 images with the highest score in each of the six categories. The finalist images are presented every year at Imaging USA, the largest and oldest photographic convention in the world. All 60 finalists are then invited to the annual WPC awards ceremony to receive the award. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded for the first, second and third image with the highest score in each category. Moreover, the authors of the images that receive the highest score in each of the registered teams, receive a "Nation Award" certificate and can boast the title of "Best of Nation" for the reference year.

Awards and certificates for the teams

Finalist certificates are awarded to teams that arrive in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th place, based on the aggregate score of the first ten placings in all categories. 2 trophies are awarded to teams arriving in second and third place. The World Photographic Cup is awarded to the national team that receives the highest score.