• WPC ROME 2020 SEPTEMBER 27 - 29

    WPC AWARDS CEREMONY MOVED TO SEPTEMBER 2020. We regret to inform you that circumstances surrounding the continued spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) make the rescheduling of the 2020 awards presentation ceremony imperative. However, having considered all options, it is our great pleasure to announce that the 2020 World Photographic Cup event will go on in the face of adversity! The event will be postponed six months to the day. The awards ceremony will be held on September 28th in Rome, Italy. The new date brings with it some advantages, including more pleasant temperatures and lower travel costs. Most importantly, it will allow enough time for the current crisis to pass. This will be the new calendar of the event WPC ROMA 2020: September Sunday 27th, opening and ceremony of the photographic Italian Awards. Monday 28th educational classes and social program during the day, WPC awards (including the FEP Book Prize winners announcement) and party dinner in the evening. Tuesday 29th, WPC meeting and opening of the WPC winners exhibition. Meeting venues are confirmed: Studio Orizzonte Gallery and Salone Margherita Theatre. The event will be preceded and followed by two proposals of photographic trips to South of Italy and Tuscany. Further info in the next few days on and (where you will also find, starting next month, the new “registration and ticketing system”. For the ones registered for the “old event”: the old tickets cannot be considered valid for the new event, because the organizing committee needs to know who will attend and so how many people will attend each single activity. We are sending reimbursements for the “old” event in these days, through Eventbrite system.) We regret once again that the situation has created difficulties for all involved, and we urge to make your arrangements for the new dates. The official declaration of the WPC postponing the event (downloadable in pdf), together with the directive of the Italian government (Decree of 04 March 2020), should be sufficient to avoid any cancellation costs regarding your travel / accommodation plans. Yes: it will be the sweetest World Photographic Cup celebration ever!

    We’ll see you in six months!

    WPC Governing Committee